4 Medal Presentations in 1 weekend!

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend 2nd- 4th October with our medal presentations for Sandersons Nelson, Burnley and Blackburn. The presentations were for the children and adults who took examinations in July in many different styles of dance.

The Friday night started with our presentation for Burnley Sandersons at Padiham Town Hall. Great demonstration from Burnleys Street team ‘Infinity’ and one of our Latin teams. Special mention to Josh and Andrew Krupinski who won the parent and child competition!
Sunday we had Sandersons Blackburn presentation in the morning with again more fabulous demonstrations from our Blackburn teams and then for the afternoon we were at Colne Municipal Hall for Sandersons Nelson Younger and Older presentations!

Emily & Adam Bynert, Lewis Frobisher and Scarlett Houston did a fantastic ballroom & latin display at each presentation. Adam then decided he would enter the fun parent section with Alison Frobisher and provided us all with some quality entertainment with their ‘Streetdance’ demo. (Please see Sandersons Nelson Facebook for the clip of this).

Well done to all dancers for passing their exams and we hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did at the presentations. Thanks to all parents and families for your continued support in our school and big thanks and well done to all teachers at SDFC!



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