Blackpool Sequence Festival October 2015

Many of our dancers took part in the annual Classical Sequence Festival in Blackpool last weekend. This is the second biggest event in the calendar for our dancers doing this style so everyone was really excited and you could feel the buzz in Sandersons on the run up to the event!


Well done to Freya Marsden and Hary Catlow on winning the 12 & 13 years section! And coming 6th in the Boy/ Girl section.

Also to Lewis Frobisher and Scarlett Houston on coming 2nd in Championship, Boy/ Girl and Modern Sequence.

Eve McNulty and Leanne Halton made the Championship final coming 3rd and also came 2nd in the All Girl.

Jodie Leigh Weller and Ayva Grayce Gregson were 3rd in All girl, 4th in Championship and Modern Sequence.

Lily Gillam and Amelia Chadwick were 4th in All Girl, and 5th in Championship and Modern Sequence.

Abby Turvey and Sophie Bateman were delighted to come 2nd in the Under 10 years and so were Thomas Boyd and Millie Craig who came 3rd!

Georgia Dean and Charlotte Green made the Junior All girl final and came 5th and Hope Farraday and Maria Mallinson made the 12/13 final and came 6th.


Our Australian couple Ian Wadsley and Denise Heydon who come over to Sandersons every year to train and dance at this competition were delighted to make it to the Classical Sequence final in the Senior section.

We also had many competitors getting realls and making semi- finals so big well done to everyone who danced. We are now working hard ready for the weekend Unity Festival at the end of November!




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