We are delighted to announce our initial plans for PHASE 1 of our return to the studios. Here is an outline of the services that will be offered.


All private lessons can resume at the studios from the above date. You may continue by zoom if preferred however the price would remain the same for either option.

Please note that physical contact between TEACHER/PUPIL or between PUPILS FROM DIFFERENT HOUSEHOLDS will not be permitted at this time and social distance should be observed throughout your visit to the studios.

Teachers will be making contact with their regular lessons over the course of this week to sort lesson bookings for this five-week period. We will also need to take into account pupils or staff that might be taking holidays and we will do our best to fit lessons around these where possible. We would kindly ask that once you have sorted your lesson bookings out with your teacher that you honour the booking and not ask to cancel/rearrange. For every lesson booked, we will have to allocate separate studios and a cleaning programme either side of the lesson so won’t have the flexibility to swap and change as easily as we might have been able to do previously. Your help with this would be much appreciated!

All private lessons will be payable via our website. Under the coronavirus section of our website, we have an online bookings area where you will see a calendar with an option to pay for your lesson. Lessons must be paid for on or before the date of the lesson. Please click the link below to see our private lesson price list.


In the main, we will not be resuming any classes at the studio until September. However, we do have a few smaller classes that we feel might be suitable to run and we will make direct contact with those to discuss this possibility. Meanwhile, our zoom online timetable will continue over this period.

Prior to our re-opening, we will release some further information about the measures that we will have in place at the studios to help keep everyone safe, so please watch this space for further details.

We are so excited to open our doors on the 25th July and commence this first phase.

See you very soon

Jackie & Team