Guidelines for Parents

The safety of children visiting our studios is of paramount importance to us. We feel that it is very important that there is a clear understanding between parents and our staff regarding the responsibility of keeping children safe during their visit.

Our original guidelines state that when a child is in the dance studio receiving their tuition, the teacher will assume responsibility for their safety. Should the child leave the studio for any reason i.e. to visit the toilet, to change studios for their next class etc, the responsibility would revert back to the parent. With this in mind, we have always given parents the option of waiting in reception whilst the classes are taking place.

Under the current covid situation where we are having to limit numbers in reception and in many cases request that parents wait outside for their children, we have temporarily revised our guidelines to help give peace of mind that we are doing all that we can to help keep children safe.

Here is an outline for each age group

Early Years Band 1 & 2
Parents are requested to accompany their child into the studio. (Only one parent per child attending)

Early Years Band 3
Parents of children of this age are permitted to either go into the studio with them or to wait in reception. We recommend that parents start the process of gradually breaking away and encouraging their child to try and go into the class independently.

Early Years Band 4/5 and School Year 1
When classes with children of this age group are taking place, parents are permitted to wait in our reception area for the duration of the class.

School Year 2 Upwards
Parents are politely requested to leave children with us at the studio whilst their class is taking place.
Primary school-aged children must be collected from the entrance to our building at the end of the session.
Secondary school-aged children will be permitted to leave the building at the end of the session without a parent to greet them at the door, unless you advise us otherwise.

When there are classes running for children in the ‘Primary School’ age band, there will be a member of staff appointed to supervise the main door/reception area and will closely monitor who is entering & exiting the building. They will also overlook children leaving studios to go the toilet or into another class. Where this isn’t possible, alternative security measures will be implemented to give peace of mind to parents leaving younger children with us.

Private Lessons – All Age Groups
Our original guidelines apply to all private lessons. Parents are permitted to wait in our reception area whilst the lesson is taking place. The teacher will assume responsibility for the child whilst they are in the studio receiving tuition. Then once the child leaves the studio, the responsibility reverts back to the parent.

Many thanks for your understanding

The Management


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