Nelson & Burnley – COVID-19/Revised Plan

Dear Parent

We hope that you are keeping safe and well during these rather strange times. Many of you have been asking us what our plans are for the showcase project this year so we thought that we would drop you a line to keep you updated with where we are up to.

As with pretty much everything at the moment, the honest answer is that we aren’t 100% sure how the next few months will pan out. We are, however, very much aware that for many dancers, the show production is one of the highlights of the year, so we have been spending many hours talking, planning and getting prepared for the challenges that lie ahead and how we might overcome them.

At this stage, we really don’t know how the social distancing measures will affect the group tuition or indeed the show production itself, however we are keen to outline a provisional plan for how we envisage the project might work and then adapt it where necessary as time progresses.

For the time being, we have kept the original date of 12-14th February 2021 in the Mechanics diary and will continue to work with that date unless we are guided otherwise.

For the tuition side of the show project, our Showcase and Latin teams will be grouped into two bands as follows

Band A

  • Tuesday 6.00-6.30pm – Junior Showcase – Burnley (Sammy)
  • Thursday 4.30-5.00pm – Infant Showcase – Burnley (Teegan)
  • Friday 4.00-4.45pm – Infant Showcase – Nelson (Teegan)
  • Friday 4.00-4.45pm – Lower Junior Showcase – Nelson (Louise)
  • Saturday 11.00-11.30am – Infant Latin – Nelson (Louise)

Tuition plans for the groups listed above in Band A will be announced in the near future. We would like to get started with Band B (below) first as they have more choreography to learn. Most of the parents in the above had opted for the pay weekly option. For anyone that had requested direct debit for the above classes, we won’t start taking any payments yet. We will be in touch soon with the plan for these. No need to reply if your child is in one of the above groups.

Band B

  • Tuesday 7.15-8.00pm – Senior Showcase – Burnley (Hollie)
  • Thursday 6.00-7.00pm – Latin/Hip Hop Taster Team – Burnley (Claire)
  • Friday 4.00-4.45pm – Upper Junior Latin Team – Nelson (Sammy)
  • Friday 4.00-4.45pm – Lower Senior Latin Team – Nelson (Gemma)
  • Friday 4.45-5.30pm – Upper Junior Showcase – Nelson (Gemma)
  • Friday 4.45-5.30pm – Lower Senior Showcase – Nelson (Hollie)
  • Friday 5.30-6.15pm – Upper Senior Latin Team – Nelson (Gemma)
  • Friday 6.15-7.00pm – Upper Senior Showcase – Nelson (Jessica)
  • Friday 6.15-7.00pm – Master Showcase Nelson (Emily)
  • Saturday 1.45-2.30pm – Lower Junior Latin Team – Nelson (Yasmin)
  • Saturday 1.45-2.30pm – Upper Junior/Lower Senior Latin Team – Nelson (Emily)
  • Saturday 1.45-2.30pm – Upper Senior Latin Team – Nelson (Jessica)

We are keen to get dancers in Band B started with their tuition and would like to propose the following outline:

W.C. Monday 22nd June to W.C Monday 24th August inclusive (10 weeks)

* Each group will receive their tuition via the online ZOOM app.

* This will take place at the usual weekly class time.

* During this time, the dancers will start learning all the solo choreography components that make up the show routines.

* The routines taught during each ZOOM session will also be filmed and emailed to each group so that if they are unable to attend a session, they can still learn the work.

* Please don’t worry if you are unsure about using the ZOOM app, if you aren’t familiar with it, our staff can help you to get set up and show you how to use it.

W.C. Monday 31st August up to the show weekend.

* Group sessions will be run according to social distancing guidelines at that particular time. In an ideal world, it would be great to have the groups back in the studio, however if social distancing guidelines don’t permit that, we may need to work with smaller groups and/or continue to depend on the ZOOM app for a while longer.

Additional Sessions

  • In addition to the tuition outlined above we would still owe the groups approximately 6 hours-worth of tuition which we would fit in over the weekends leading up the show.

Band B Payments

  • For all those in the Band B group that opted for the direct debit option, we would start taking the direct debit payments from the beginning of July 2020 for 8 consecutive months up the beginning of February 2021. If you haven’t yet finalised your direct debit paperwork, please contact Gemma ASAP so that we can get this in place.
  • For anyone that had planned to pay for the show project in full and hadn’t done so prior to lockdown, we would appreciate this being settled by the beginning of July.
  • Whilst we appreciate that we aren’t able to deliver our usual service for the showcase year, our running costs for the project being delivered this way are higher than normal so unfortunately, we wouldn’t be in a position to offer discount on the course price. However, as a little token of goodwill, all dancers that are part of the Band B groups listed above will eligible for a free show T-shirt and show DVD as a little thank you from us for supporting us at this time.

What to do next…..

  • We would appreciate it if you could spare a couple of minutes to send us a email by Monday 15th June to confirm whether or not you would like to proceed with our proposed plan.
  • Then during the week commencing 15th June we will get everyone set up with their ZOOM groups ready to start the following week.
  • It would also be appreciated if you could finalise any outstanding direct debit paperwork by this date so that we can get ready for the first payment which will be due in July


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the team.

Many thanks