Chris Ogden

Hi I’m Chris

I’m a Belly Dance instructor at the Nelson centre.

My qualifications include:

C&G Teaching Adults qualification, Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul levels 1 and 2 (tribal bellydance personal dance skills) and around 14 years of experience teaching classes both private and through Local Authority

I started dance so young I can’t remember my first classes. I studied ballet, tap and modern styles as a child – taking exams with RAD and NDTA. I then stopped dancing as school exams became a priority. I took up bellydance almost 20 years ago in a bid to get a bit fitter and I have been dancing ever since. I have studied Egyptian dance with national and internationally acclaimed teachers and try to pass this knowledge on to my students for around 14 years. I have also become interested in Tribal Belly Dance studying (when I can) with Paulette Rees-Denis of Gypsy Caravan. I have developed my own style of Tribal, ‘North Wind’, which is practiced by several groups in East Lancs and West Yorks and am director of the Tribal/UK dance fusion group 400Roses. I am half the partnership that runs the acclaimed ‘Jewel of Yorkshire’ festival, held twice a year in Saltaire (Bradford). This is an international festival of bellydance in all its forms attracting teachers and students from all over the UK and abroad.

I had been with SDFC for many years. I love the clean and comfortable facilities that they offer and the friendly, professional staff.

I can be contacted by email at and I, and the North Wind group, are on facebook as well.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!