Early Years Dance – Information Guide

Our Early Years dance journey here at Sandersons can start from babies and continues until your child starts school. We are delighted to offer a specialised programme of class options that are tailor-made for specific age bands so that each little one can feel a sense of achievement and progression during these first few years.

The earlier that we can introduce children to the dancing bug, it will be more likely that they will continue to participate in fitness activities in later years and lead a healthier lifestyle. There are many benefits for children taking part in dance or exercise….

Improves balance, co-ordination, movement, mobility and rhythm.
Helps to develop speech, imagination, memory and social skills.
Encourages interaction with other children.
Builds confidence through repetition.
Allows children to display personal creativity.
Assists in combating childhood obesity
Provides positive associations with exercise from an early age.

We have a very extensive timetable with over 40 Early Years dance classes available. It is however, of great importance that you only select/attend classes for your child that match the age guidelines given. So, before choosing a class please take a look at our age bands listed below and establish which one of these your child would be in….

Early Years Band 1 – Babies (from 6 week check up to crawling)
(Parents accompany into class)
Suggested classes – Baby Time (no classes currently scheduled)

Early Years Band 2 – Toddlers up to 2 years & 6 months
(Parents accompany into class)
Suggested classes – Mini Movers

Early Years Band 3 – 2 years & 6 months up to the criteria listed for Band 4
(Parents can either accompany into class or wait in reception.
We recommend that parents start the process of gradually breaking away and encouraging their child to try and go into the class independently.)
Suggested classes – Mini Movers for newcomers then progress to Ballet & Tap , Mini Street or Mini Acro

Early Years Band 4 – The final 12 months prior to starting school
(Parents wait in reception)
Suggested classes – Mini Street, Mini Acro, Ballet & Tap

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