UKA Assessments


Saturday 16th December (late afternoon/evening)
Sunday 17th December (full day)
* Street competitors please keep Sunday 17th December early afternoon free for your assessment *

Saturday 16th December (lunchtime onwards)

Sunday 10th December (full day)
* Street & Contemporary competitors please keep Sunday 10th December early afternoon free for your assessment *

Dance requirements for each assessment level as follows:

Intro – 1 dance
Bronze – 2 dances
Silver – 2 or 3 dances
Gold upwards – 3 or 4 dances
* Please note that for Intro level, dancers might perform a selection of dances as a class rather than one individual dance.
* Please note that where a choice has been offered regarding the number of dances, the examiner will adjust the duration of each dance performed so that the overall assessment duration is the same regardless of the number of dances performed.

Assessment requirements for team members
It is a condition of being a member of a competitive or technical stage TEAM that dancers undertake technical training and twice yearly assessments in that style. This includes Street, Cheer, Latin & Ballroom.

For those that compete as individual dancers in competitions i.e. Classical Sequence, the assessment isn’t compulsory but highly recommended/encouraged.

Once a dancer reaches the point where they leave school (end of GCSE year), the requirement for the above assessment will no longer be compulsory. However, continued technical training is highly recommended, especially for those with less experience in those styles.


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