Acro Dance/Gymnastics Team

We are delighted to introduce our brand new ACRO DANCE/GYMNASTICS TEAMS to our timetable. Participants can now join forces and combine their skills to create what will no doubt be a very impressive display of talent.

Is it suitable for my child?

For each of our children’s dance classes, the age group that the class is suitable for is specified on the timetable and we kindly ask that you follow this guidance. Many of our classes are suitable for all levels. We do however recommend that you get in touch before bringing your child to a class for the first time so that we can double-check that the level is right for them.

What should my child wear?

When trying these classes for the first time, we recommend wearing a T-Shirt & Leggings for the first couple of weeks. Once happy with the class, we ask that participants wear our set class uniform. Please ask your teacher for further details.

What our customers say…

“My daughters love their Acro class with Hollie. She has them moving from start to finish and gives them lots of encouragement.”       




Time Location Level Newcomer Availability Price Instructor
1800 - 1830 Nelson Advanced No Course (£4.20 p/w) Hollie Kefford
2000 - 2030 Blackburn Advanced No Course (£4.20 p/w) Kira Billington


Time Location Level Newcomer Availability Price Instructor
1915 - 1945 Burnley Advanced No Course (£4.20 p/w) Kira Billington


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