Baggy T-Shirts

What is it?

A New Year! A New Start! A New Body!
Feel fabulous in 2019 with this new workout aimed at those wishing to lose a few pounds and to feel more toned and lean. The class will be based on a triple challenge structure and split into 3 parts.
1) Cardio – the part where we raise the pulse and make you sweat it out.
2) Body Conditioning – we will target those troublesome areas to help you feel more toned
3) Pilates – some gentle stretches and core strengthening exercises

Is it for me?

The good news is that this class will be suitable for ALL LEVELS so if you’ve not done much exercise recently or you are feeling a little self-conscious then this is a great one for you. So throw on your Baggy T-Shirt and come and give it a try.

What should I wear?

Please be comfortable – a Baggy T-Shirt with leggings or joggers is fine along with some trainers on your feet.



Time Location Level Booking Price Instructor
1900 - 1945 Burnley All levels Yes £4.50 Helen Hudson


Time Location Level Booking Price Instructor
0930 - 1015 Nelson All levels No £4.50 Carol Walker
1900 - 1945 Nelson All Levels No £4.50 Helen Hudson