Commercial & Traditional Ballroom/Classical Sequence Combined Class

A fabulous dance style where these traditional rhythms are mixed with Contemporary, Streetdance, Lyrical etc. It is danced solo for the dancer to develop skills as a performer. The elegance of Ballroom & Classical Sequence dancing is brought up to date with amazing choreography.

Is it suitable for my child?

For each of our children’s dance classes, the age group that the class is suitable for is specified on the timetable and we kindly ask that you follow this guidance. Many of our classes are suitable for all levels. We do however recommend that you get in touch before bringing your child to a class for the first time so that we can double-check that the level is right for them.

What should my child wear?

Clothing suggestions – Dress, Top & Skirt, T-Shirt & Leggings… just anything cool and comfortable! When first starting out some light pumps on the feet would be fine and then long term, dance shoes are recommended.

What our customers say…

“I really love dancing at Sandersons because all the teachers are great! They share their knowledge and skills which makes me learn a lot. Every time I come to training I am very happy to see my teachers. During Ballroom and Classical lessons I listen carefully and persistently improve my skills. I am most fortunate to have found a real passion and love for dancing at this wonderful Sandersons dance school!”       




Time Location Level Newcomer Availability Price Instructor
1800 - 1830 Nelson School Year 2 Upwards (3 groups) Yes Course (£4.30 p/w) Gemma Bynert


Time Location Level Newcomer Availability Price Instructor
1230 - 1300 Nelson School Year 2 & Up Yes Course (£4.30 p/w) Louise Mackey
1230 - 1300 Nelson School Year 9 & Up Yes Course (£4.30 p/w) Claire McNulty
1230 - 1300 Blackburn School Year 1-9 (3 Groups) Yes Course (£4.30 p/w) Emily Bynert


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